Githubber Brandon Keepers’ presentation: The Plight of Pinocchio: JavaScript’s quest to become a real language at

As many front-end developers do, I bristle a bit at the “[becoming] a real language” bit when used to talk about JavaScript, but he’s got a good deck here, and I wish I could’ve seen this presentation. He talks about testing (and his examples use Cucumber and Jasmine) and about the application of design patterns. (Got me interested in reading Addy Osmani’s Essential JavaScript Design Patterns…)

My biggest complaint about Backbone is probably how unopinionated it is about the view layer.

Rebecca Murphey, "Thoughts on a (very) small project with Backbone and Backbone Boilerplate"

Which I think just about sums up my feelings on a lot of these “micro-libraries” in general. You get a library with a small footprint that does something really well, and the next thing you know, you’re using it as the basis for a whole bunch of other things… before you know it: you’ve glommed on enough to re-create YUI or Dojo or ExtJS…

That’s taking it to an extreme, of course, but it doesn’t seem too far off, either.

That said: (for better or worse) this does make me more interested in Backbone.js.

Functionality Focused Code Organization by Rebecca Murphey (and her related blog post)